DMC Marketing Nugget

Video Brochures - The Marketing Tool That Changes Everything!

December 18, 2020

With less face-to-face interactions and no trade shows, we want to share a solution that is helping businesses increase their leads, response rates and close rates. video brochures, video books, video business cards and video boxes are allowing marketers to provide a personal touch and get their video message directly in the hands of their audience. Why are video brochures so effective?

  • Hit Multiple Senses | You are hitting their sense of Sound, Touch and Vision all at once.
  • The Element of Surprise | Research shows that the element of surprise increases endorphins and gets people to pay attention to your message.
  • Zero Distractions | they are focused on you, no other pop-ups & no competition listings
  • It’s Dummy Proof | all viewer needs to do is OPEN THE COVER.

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